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invisible earpiece for cheating on test, small size comparing finger magnet


Cheat on tests
with absolute discretion!

The best wireless and invisible earpiece for cheating on tests: wireless communication without being caught.

Finally, your nerdy classmates can tell you all the answers!

invisible earpiece for cheating on test, small size comparing finger magnet

Monorean® Tiny

The basic version of our earpiece for cheating on tests and exams.
The evolution of the classic cheat sheet!

  • Invisible earpiece
  • Collar with built-in microphone
  • 4 hour battery life
Invisible earpiece monorean pro for cheating on tests installed, microphone, paper-thin collar, Switchboard. To cheat on tests

Monorean® Pro

The paper-thin collar makes it easy to hide. The pushbuttons allow you to send buzzes to you partner, hang up the phone, and even control your cell phone’s MP3 player.

  • Paper-thin Collar
  • Bluetooth
  • Beeper Pushbutton
  • MP3 Pushbuttons

The Monorean® invisible earpieces

buy invisible earpiece monorean tiny for cheating on tests small discrete spy

Monorean® Tiny

The basic version of our invisible earpiece for cheating on tests.

Exactly what you need to cheat on and pass your next exam. Forget about the classic cheatsheet!

399.0 $


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Monorean pro invisible earpiece for cheating on exams. Cheat on test device.

Monorean® Pro

The advanced model of monorean earpiece for cheating on tests.

Better features in this invisible earpiece ensure you’ll pass all your exams with ease and secrecy.

599.0 $


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Monorean cam hidden camera for cheating on tests invisible earpiece. Cheat on test

Our engineers are working hard to develop a camera that helps you cheat on tests. The camera will be available soon, and if you want to be the first to know when, subscribe to our newsletter.

What is it?

What's a Monorean?

The Monorean is a discrete communication device designed to cheat on tests and exams. The Monorean consists of an invisible earpiece the size of a rice grain that you put into your ear. Through the earpiece you’ll be able to listen to your partner crystal clear and in a discrete manner.

Passing an exam has never been so easy! The Monorean invisible earpiece is the smallest device in the world for cheating on tests.

How does our earpiece work?

Connect your Monorean to your cell phone, place the inductive collar around your neck and introduce the wireless invisible earpiece into your ear.

Once installed, any of our models of Monorean invisible earpieces will help you cheat on any test. Go to your exam and once there, call the person that'll give you a helping hand with your test. You'll follow the conversation through the earpiece hidden in your ear, and speak into the microphone in a quiet whisper.

how to cheat on test with invisible earpiece hidden installation schema body
Free shipping for invisible earpiece for cheating on tests and exams * May vary from country to country.

Want to know more?

How to cheat on a test invisible hidden earpiece for cheating on tests

Undetectable: The earpiece won't be visible to any observers, and nobody will be able to hear it but you. Perfect for cheating on tests.

Cheat on a test ussing invisible earpiece connected to cell phone Bluetooth

Your cell phone Communicate using the earpiece with your classmate located outside the classroom simply by making a phone call.

How to cheat on a test invisible earpiece monorean compatible with cellphone

Pure compatibility: MonoreanTiny and MonoreanPro are compatible with all cell phones and MP3 player.

Earpiece for cheating on tests earpiece without visible cables. How to cheat on tests exams

Wireless: The inductive collar sends sound to the earpiece without any visible cables. The perfect device to cheat on exams!

earpiece cheat exam unlimited distance to pass the exam

Cell phone compatibility: Connect the earpiece to your cell phone via cable – Tiny - or via Bluetooth – Pro - and make a phone call.

Earpiece for cheating on tests using MP3 player. How to cheat on a test device

MP3 Compatible: Record all the answers to your test beforehand and then listen to them while you take the exam!

Complete kit to cheat on tests with an invisible earpiece

Complete equipment: Each Monorean model includes all you need to cheat on your tests. You only have to add your cell phone.

technology to cheat on tests and exams invisible hidden earpiece small

The best technology: Monorean is the ultimate device to cheat on tests and exams. We use the best manufacturing procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

No problem! Monorean earpieces are sent with express carriers (DHL, FedEx or UPS) and the earpiece will be at your door the next day or following day (depending on location) after the purchase has been made.

The earpieces are packed and shipped the same day you order if the payment is made before 13:00 (EST). Please give us a call if you have any doubts about when your order will be shipped. Especially if you need the earpiece right away to cheat on an upcoming test.

Note: Delivery time may vary depending on destination country and the distance from the local carrier office. During the purchase process you will be informed about the carrier we use to ship to your destination and the delivery time.

Correct! We offer free shipping for most countries. Along with the delivery time, during the order process you’ll be informed about any possible shipment costs (probably free for you!).

Currently, Monorean earpieces are shipped from our logistics hub in Madrid, Spain. It's one of the biggest hubs in Europe, and we're strategically located there to reduce delivery time for worldwide shipments.

Sure! You can come to visit us at our headquarters in Madrid, Spain. You'll be able to test all of our Monorean models and take one (or more!) with you. We accept cash and credit card.

Simply, no. Once the earpiece is in place, nobody around you will be able to see it.

Absolutely not, the earpiece won't be heard from the outside. Our Monorean earpieces are designed so that even the slightest sound won't escape your ear.

Yes, for having a conversation the quality is great. The Monorean Switchboard sends the perfect power to the earpiece placed into your ear.

Forget about buying batteries! The piece that you'll introduce into your ear does not require any kind of battery or maintenance expense. The battery located inside the Monorean Switchboard will provide the necessary energy to the earpiece. You can recharge the Monorean Switchboard as many times as you want.

We don't have a release date yet, but we hope it's as soon as possible! If you want to be the first to know the release date, subscribe to our newsletter!

Don't worry—we’re very discrete in that respect. We don't provide your information to anyone, and we ship a simple plain carton box with no logos on it.

It’s possible to pick up the order at the shipment carrier's local office. During the order process in our online store, indicate in the comments 'Pick order up at carrier's location'. The next day or the following day (see delivery time during order process), go to the selected carrier's local office to pick up your Monorean earpiece for cheating on tests.

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