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Hidden spy camera for cheating on tests

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Monorean Inbox

Access your account and receive the photos taken with your Monorean Cam

Included two-year Monorean Inbox subscription

Try the Monorean Inbox demo

1 Year Warranty! Express Shipping WorldWide

Monorean® Cam

Take photos of your exam and send them to your partner.

Aim the hidden camera and simply press the Photo Button with your foot.

Instantly receive the photos in your Monorean Inbox by linking your Monorean Cam to your account.

4G LTE connectivity enables you to send images anywhere in the world

Matched perfectly with a Monorean earpiece— take photos of your exam and receive answers right in your ear.

Conquer any exam.

Every unit comes with a two-year subscription to Monorean Inbox.

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1 Year Warranty!
Express Shipping WorldWide
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Release your inner genius

Monorean® Cam: The hidden camera for exams

How does the Monorean® Cam work?

Once your Monorean Cam camera is set up, go to the exam room and start taking photos.

When you have the exam in front of you, aim the camera and press the Photo Button with your foot. Within seconds, a clear picture will arrive in Monorean Inbox for your partner to see.

In order to achieve your full potential at the exam, consider using a Monorean earpiece with Monorean Cam to communicate with your partner.

Monorean Inbox

As long as your partner is logged into Monorean Inbox, they will receive any images of your exam taken with Monorean Cam.

Want a sneak peek of the experience?
Try the Monorean Inbox demo.

What’s included?

  • CAM Control Box
  • Cable CAM
  • Instruction Manual
  • Monorean Inbox Access Pass
  • Photo Button
  • USB Charger
Monorean Cam control box

Start sending photos in seconds

Log into your account

Create or log into an existing Monorean Inbox account.


Add your CAM

Enter the serial number written on the Monorean Inbox Access Pass


Start receiving photos

Start receiving photos from your Monorean Cam.
Check out how the photos will appear in Monorean Inbox demo account.


Installing the Monorean® Cam

Monorean Cam Installation

  • 01 Hide the camera lens in the sleeve of your shirt (or alternative place).
  • 02 Connect the Cable CAM to the Control Box (Input labeled “CAM”).
  • 03 Insert a nano SIM card into the SIM card slot (make sure the SIM card has a corresponding phone number and data enabled).
  • 04 Place the Photo Button under your foot (1.5m cable).
  • 05 Connect the Photo Button to the Control Box (Input labeled "Trigger").
  • 06 Turn on the Control Box (press and hold the "OK" button on the keypad).
  • 07 Enter the PIN of your SIM card using the keyboard.

Linking your Monorean Cam to Monorean Inbox

  • 08 Create a Monorean Inbox account or log into an existing one.
  • 09 On you CAM List, click "Add new Monorean Cam" and enter the serial number (The serial number is written on the Monorean Inbox Access Pass card included with Monorean Cam).

Setting up your Monorean Cam:

  • 10 On the CAM List, click "Connect" on your recently added Monorean Cam and you'll be forwarded to the initial set up process (You will need to complete the Monorean Cam set up again if you want to use a different SIM card).
  • 11 Choose the SIM provider and enter the phone number corresponding to the SIM card inserted in Step 3 and click "Configure" (Your Monorean Cam will automatically connect and the Monorean Inbox gallery will open and be ready to receive the photos).
The Monorean Cam exam camera manual Monorean Cam Guide

Monorean® Cam Technical Specifications

  • High Quality images

    High definition

    Monorean Cam snaps images in high definition so you can read texts clearly on your exam. Images are captured in 720p (1280 x 960 pixels).

  • Camera connected to the internet via 4G LTE

    4G LTE network

    Yes! Once you take a photo of the exam, the image is automatically sent over the internet. Insert a nano SIM card into the Monorean Cam Control Box and send images anywhere in the world via 4G LTE.

  • Monorean Cam has a built-in auto focus feature to ensure that images are sharp and any text can be read clearly


    The lens will automatically focus when the Photo Button is pressed, resulting in a crystal clear and readable image. The recommended distance from the subject is 10 inches (25 cm).

  • Camera connected to the internet via cell network

    Photo Button

    Place the Photo Button under your foot. Aim the camera, press the Push Button and let your Monorean Cam do all the work. The photo will be automatically sent to Monorean Inbox.

  • Receive exam pictures taken with Monorean Cam in your Monorean Inbox

    Monorean Inbox

    Easily receive photos in the Monorean cloud. Log into Monorean Inbox, link your Monorean Cam to your account and start receiving photos taken when the Photo Button is triggered.

  • The Monorean Cam status can be monitored in Monorean Inbox

    Remote Monitoring

    You can check Monorean Cam's connectivity status, signal strength and battery status from Monorean Inbox.

  • Monorean Cam is compatible with Monorean Pro and Monorean Tiny

    Compatible with Monorean

    Perfectly compatible with Monorean Pro or Monorean Tiny, simply use your CAM with a Monorean earpiece. Take photos of your exam and receive answers right in your ear.

  • Monorean Cam Battery Power

    1,700 images per charge

    Monorean Cam's built-in rechargeable battery supports up to five hours with continuous use— a total of 1,700 images per charge cycle. If you send images at a lower frequency, the battery will last much longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once the Monorean Cam is set up, simply press the Photo Button! Monorean Cam will send the photo to Monorean Inbox over a 4G LTE network.
Still images are a better solution for reading exams. Sending video over a mobile networks requires compression, potentially lowering the quality and ability to read text.
Still images is the way to go!
Yes, Monorean Cam will connect to a 4G LTE network. In Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australia it can also connect via 3G and 2G as a fallback in case 4G LTE is not available.
You will need a nano SIM card with an active data plan and phone number. SIM cards with data plans but without an associated phone number offered by carriers specialized in IoT (Internet of Things) will not work with Monorean Cam.

Monorean Cam will work in North and South America (US included), Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, Japan and South Korea. If you would like to use Monorean Cam in a different region, please contact our technical support team before placing your order.

At Monorean we are working around the clock to expand Monorean Cam coverage around the globe. We will add support for new regions as they become available.

No, Monorean Cam will only allow you to send pictures to your partner. If you would like your partner to hear you, consider using a compatible Monorean Pro earpiece or Monorean Tiny with your Monorean Cam.
No. Monorean Cam will only allow you to send pictures to your partner. If you would like to hear your partner, consider using a Monorean Pro or Monorean Tiny earpiece compatible with Monorean Cam.

No problem! Monorean invisible earpieces are sent with express carriers (DHL, FedEx or UPS) and the earpiece will be at your door the next day or following day (depending on location) after the purchase has been made.

The earpieces are packed and shipped the same day you order if the payment is made before 10:00 (EST). Please give us a call if you have any doubts about when your order will be shipped. Especially if you need the earpiece right away to cheat on an upcoming test.

Note: Delivery time may vary depending on destination country and the distance from the local carrier office. During the purchase process you will be informed about the carrier we use to ship to your destination and the delivery time.

Monorean invisible earpieces are shipped from our logistics hub in Madrid, Spain. It's one of the biggest hubs in Europe, and we're strategically located there to reduce delivery time for worldwide shipments.

We offered this option as a side service in the past but cheating using technology is getting popular and we've been growing—a lot—over the years and, although it was fun to chat with all our customers, the company decided to cease that service. Monorean is an internet store with a large warehouse distribution facility. We do not have a traditional brick-and-mortar store. Since our customers are unable to physically visit us, we strive to make shopping at our web store as close to the "real thing" as possible. You can still buy your earpiece online!

It’s possible to pick up the order at the shipment carrier's local office. During the order process in our online store, indicate in the comments 'Pick order up at carrier's location'. The next day or the following day (see delivery time during order process), go to the selected carrier's local office to pick up your Monorean earpiece for cheating on tests.

This is a very good question: It's true— someone using a device to gain an 'advantage' on an exam may not be open to express an opinion or post a public review. Even though Monorean is a wildly successful product, content posted by third parties is almost non existent. Fortunately, professional reviewers and media outlets have included their thoughts on Monorean o and articles and we've gathered a few of them in our blog post: As seen on TV! gathering all unboxing and reviews