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Wireless Bluetooth earpiece for cheating on tests hidden earpiece. Monorean Pro

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Monorean® Pro

Cheat on a test without getting caught with the world's smallest Bluetooth earpiece.

Connect the hidden Bluetooth earpiece to your cell phone and simply make a regular phone call.

Its inductive transmitter, the collar, is as thin as a sheet of paper, and it won't even be noticeable under a thin cotton t-shirt.

Send buzzes to your partner and pick up the phone using the Beeper Pushbutton.

Control the MP3 files stored in your cell phone with the MP3 Pushbuttons.

Spy Bluetooth earpiece buy online, payment methods Spy headphones Bluetooth
1 Year Warranty!
Express Shipping WorldWide
Spy Bluetooth earpiece buy online, shipment methods

How does the invisible earpiece Monorean® Pro work?

Monorean® Pro: The hidden Bluetooth earpiece

How does the earpiece work?

With the Monorean® Pro hidden Bluetooth earpiece all set up, go to the exam where you’ll use the earpiece to cheat on the test.


Wait for an incoming call, and then pick it up by holding down the Beeper Pushbutton hidden in your shoe for five seconds. You can also press the Beeper Pushbutton to redial the last number called.

You’ll listen to the person on the other line through the invisible earpiece hidden in your ear

During a test, you can use the Push Button to send signals or buzzes and communicate with your partner. For example: press once if you want to say 'yes', press twice for 'no', or press several times in a row to ask them to speak slower. You can create a protocol with your partner before the exam.

Hold the Beeper Pushbutton down for five seconds to hang up the phone.


Once you are ready to listen to the exam lessons stored in your cell phone, press the PLAY MP3 Pushbutton (you will have 3 Pushbuttons) to start listening to the audio tracks through the invisible earpiece hidden into your ear. Press the Pushbutton NEXT-TRACK to go to the next track. Press the Pushbutton PREVIOUS-TRACK to go to the previous track.

Hold down the Pushbutton NEXT-TRACK to fast forward and find a specific time on the track. You can also hold down the Pushbutton PREVIOUS-TRACK to rewind and find a specific point in your pre-recorded lesson.

What’s included?

  • 2x Invisible Earpiece
  • Microphone (1.5m cable)
  • 3x Pushbutton
  • Extractor bar and magnet
  • USB Charger
  • PRO Switchboard
  • Instruction Manual
  • paper-thin Inductive Collar

What’s included?

  • 2x Invisible Earpiece
  • Microphone (1.5m cable)
  • 3x Pushbutton
  • Extractor bar and magnet
  • USB Charger
  • PRO Switchboard
  • Instruction Manual
  • paper-thin Inductive Collar

Installing the Monorean® Pro Earpiece

Hidden Earpiece Installation

  • 01 Introduce the hidden earpiece into your ear (The kit includes an effective way to extract the earpiece with a powerful magnet once you’re done).
  • 02 Place the inductive collar around your neck (The collar is as thin as a sheet of paper and you can easily hide it under a thin cotton t-shirt).
  • 03 Connect the inductive collar to the Switchboard (Input labeled “Loop”).
  • 04 Hide the microphone in the sleeve of your shirt.
  • 05 Connect the microphone to the Switchboard (1.5m cable).
  • 06 Place the Pushbutton under your big toe.
  • 06.1 Use the 3 MP3 Pushbuttons system if you'd like to control your MP3 player during the exam.
  • 06.2 Use the Beeper Pushbutton if you want to control phone calls (pick up and hang up) and to send signals or buzzes to your cheat partner.
  • 07 Connect the Pushbutton (or Pushbuttons) to the corresponding plug (1.5m cable).
  • 08 Turn on the Switchboard.

Connecting the Switchboard to your cell phone:

  • 09 Press the button "Bluetooth" for five seconds until the blue light is illuminated.
  • 10 On your cell phone, search for a device called “monorean pro” and select it (Once linked, if someone searches with another cell phone for Bluetooth devices, they will not be able to find the link, so no one will suspect you’re using the device).
Instruction Manual invisible earpiece for cheating on exams Monorean Pro Guides

Monorean® Pro Bluetooth Earpiece Technical Specifications

  • spy Bluetooth magnetic earpiece neckloop set Paper-thin collar

    Inductive Collar

    The technology employed for the Monorean® Pro Bluetooth earpiece has allowed us to build an ultra-thin collar—as thin as a sheet of paper. It won't even be noticeable under a thin t-shirt.

  • Bluetooth earpiece for cheating on test. Bluetooth earpiece for exam test


    The Monorean Control Box and Monorean Cam will connect via Bluetooth. You do not need any additional cables.

  • wireless earpiece for tests. How to cheat on test with invisible earpiece

    Pro Switchboard

    The sophisticated Switchboard enables the Monorean Pro to be the smallest Bluetooth and allows the earpiece to output the perfect audio quality. It has 6 hour battery life.

  • spy cheating earpiece Bluetooth microphone. cheating microphone

    Extended Microphone

    The invisible Bluetooth earpiece kit includes a invisible earpiece and microphone that can easily be hidden anywhere on your person since it has a flexible 1.5 meter cable.

  • mp3 player cheat exam. Pushbuttons MP3 exam

    MP3 Pushbuttons

    You can place the MP3 Pushbuttons in your shoes to control your MP3 tracks. You can perform the following actions: Play/Pause, next track, previous track, fast forward and rewind.

  • The invisible Bluetooth earpiece signal button spy kit

    Beeper Pushbutton

    The Beeper Pushbutton of the micro Bluetooth earpiece Monorean® Pro can be easily hidden inside your shoe, under your big toe. You can use it to pick up the phone and to send signals or buzzes to your partner.

  • Spy earpiece battery

    Intelligent Battery

    The Switchboard optimizes power use so the tiny Bluetooth earpiece lasts 6 hours. If the Switchboard runs out of primary battery power, it will hold a reserve to maintain the Bluetooth link.

  • smallest wireless Bluetooth earpiece maintenance

    Low Maintenance

    The wireless Bluetooth earpiece for exams Monorean® Pro has been designed so that all its components have a long life without any need of maintenance whatsoever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Monorean Pro offers more features such as the paper-thin collar insert that allows you to hide the Monorean Cam even easier.

Unlike the Tiny model, Monorean Pro includes the Beeper Button, a remote control that enables you to ping your partner with no hands. The Pro's Cable CAM is 5 feet (1.5 meters) which makes it easier to place anywhere on the body. The Monorean Pro also includes MP3 Buttons to control recordings saved on your cell phone. Additionally, Monorean Pro connects to your cell phone wirelessly via Bluetooth.

No, once the Monorean Switchboard is linked via Bluetooth to your cell phone, the link "monorean pro" will remain invisible to other devices. Even if your cell phone runs out of battery, the Bluetooth link will still not be visible. In order for the Bluetooth link to be visible to other devices, you have to hold down the Bluetooth button for five seconds.

Simply, no. Once the earpiece is in place, nobody around you will be able to see it. The hidden earpiece won’t be visible by an observer during your exam, not only because it is a small wireless earpiece but due to the fact that the earpiece will be placed inside of your ear canal, close to your eardrum. You can call it a wireless in ear earpiece but it'll be more acuarte to say "inside-ear" earpiece. This is why it's the perfect exam cheating gadget for students.

Absolutely not, the earpiece won't be heard from the outside. Our Monorean earpieces are designed so that even the slightest sound won't escape your ear. It is the perfect hidden earpiece for exam for this reason, the best way to cheat on a test without getting caught.

Forget about buying earpiece batteries! The piece that you'll introduce into your ear does not require any kind of battery or maintenance expense. The battery located inside the Monorean Switchboard will provide the necessary energy to the earpiece. You can recharge the Monorean Switchboard as many times as you want.

No problem! Monorean invisible earpieces are sent with express carriers (DHL, FedEx or UPS) and the earpiece will be at your door the next day or following day (depending on location) after the purchase has been made.

The earpieces are packed and shipped the same day you order if the payment is made before 10:00 (EST). Please give us a call if you have any doubts about when your order will be shipped. Especially if you need the earpiece right away to cheat on an upcoming test.

Note: Delivery time may vary depending on destination country and the distance from the local carrier office. During the purchase process you will be informed about the carrier we use to ship to your destination and the delivery time.

Monorean invisible earpieces are shipped from our logistics hub in Madrid, Spain. It's one of the biggest hubs in Europe, and we're strategically located there to reduce delivery time for worldwide shipments.

We offered this option as a side service in the past but cheating using technology is getting popular and we've been growing—a lot—over the years and, although it was fun to chat with all our customers, the company decided to cease that service. Monorean is an internet store with a large warehouse distribution facility. We do not have a traditional brick-and-mortar store. Since our customers are unable to physically visit us, we strive to make shopping at our web store as close to the "real thing" as possible. You can still buy your earpiece online!

It’s possible to pick up the order at the shipment carrier's local office. During the order process in our online store, indicate in the comments 'Pick order up at carrier's location'. The next day or the following day (see delivery time during order process), go to the selected carrier's local office to pick up your Monorean earpiece for cheating on tests.

This is a very good question: It's true— someone using a device to gain an 'advantage' on an exam may not be open to express an opinion or post a public review. Even though Monorean is a wildly successful product, content posted by third parties is almost non existent. Fortunately, professional reviewers and media outlets have included their thoughts on Monorean o and articles and we've gathered a few of them in our blog post: As seen on TV! gathering all unboxing and reviews