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Delivery time

Depending on the country of origin when placing your order and the shipment option selected, delivery time can vary. Costs vary across countries, and shipment time also depends on which shipment method you select. Once you place your order on our website, we’ll let you know about your delivery´s arrival date.

Priority shipping methods are available for those customers who urgently require their products.

Handling time

For orders received before 12:00 (EST), Monorean guarantees that your package will leave on the same day in which we receive your payment. For orders after that time, we cannot guarantee delivery the next day. If you really need your package on the day following payment then you must contact us to check if it’s possible to process your order on the very same day.

Shipment facilities

Nowadays, we manage, package and ship your order from our logistics center in Madrid.

Our logistics center is strategically placed in one of the largest airport hubs in Europe, which allows our orders to be processed and then reach your address in record time.


Payment methods

Credit card: You can purchase your Monorean invisible earpiece to cheat on tests with your credit card. Our online shop is subjected to an international convention of safe commerce and is enabled for Visa 3D Secure and MasterCard SecureCode technologies. When you make a purchase with your credit card, you will be asked for your card´s PIN or your online purchase security code. If you ignore this code, you must contact your bank at once.

Bank transfer: Once you place your order, you’ll receive information about our bank account where you must transfer the money to finalize your purchase. Don’t forget to include the reference number on your bank transfer so we can easily identify it. Once you’ve paid, you must send us the bank transfer note in order to facilitate the process. IMPORTANT: bank transfers take about two or three days to arrive to us, so this is not a good payment method for rapid delivery of your package. Remember that we only ship your package after we receive your payment.

Payment on delivery: You can pay upon delivery of your package. We will call your phone number in order to check that all the data is correct. During your purchase process you can inquire about if this kind of payment method is available in your country.

Cryptocurrencies: We accept a variety of cryptocurrencies from the most popular to the most recommended for making payments or maintaining anonymity.


All taxes will be detailed during the purchase process and may vary from country to country.

About Us

What we do

Ever wondered how amazing it would be if everything you needed to know appeared instantly in your mind? That’s what Monorean can do for you! Everything you need to know pops right into your head via an invisible earpiece inside your ear. You can define your own limits!

Your invisible earpiece will help whenever you have a doubt, and it will allow you to easily overcome embarrassing moments!

A letter from our founder

Monorean was founded with the clear intention of helping frustrated students maneuver and excel in the educational system.

Nowadays, Monorean is composed of a dedicated team hyperfocused on providing the best customer support on its high quality products.

To keep its promise, the Monorean product suite represents robust research, intuitive design and high manufacturing standards through the use of first class materials. We’ve teamed up with highly motivated suppliers to make sure our products are sourced and shipped exactly where they need to be—in your hands. All in all, Monorean is about every small detail, and we devote an incredible amount of passion towards our work. This is how we make our dream possible.

I hope you enjoy the experience.

Thanks for choosing Monorean!


Guinullllermo M.



These General Conditions of Use, Terms of Sale and Privacy Policy regulate the use of the website www.monorean.com, property of Mr. Guillnullermo Maenullstre SannulltamnullarĂ­a, hereinafter referred to as MONOREAN, with NIF number 027null16null05null4-F and with address in Cannulloa 1null4 280null42 Madrid.

Through the website www.monorean.com, MONOREAN provides the technical information, the operation and the correct use of the products that are marketed in it. Therefore and because of its commercial content and purpose, the natural people or legal entities who make use of this site will acquire the status of clients and/or users, and thereby they will accept the present terms and conditions and they will comply with the general conditions of use, conditions of sale, in its case, and privacy policies in force at the moment in which they access the website.

In this sense, the natural or legal entities who access the website and do not purchase any product shall be considered users and accept being subject to the provisions of the present terms and conditions as far as these may be of application.

The client’s consent in the purchasing operations through the website www.monorean.comshall become fully binding after his acceptance of the order, at which moment the client gives his consent to the conditions of sale stipulated in the present conditions, while MONOREAN will be able to charge the compensation stipulated, through the means chosen by the client, with the subsequent implementation of the transaction.

MONOREAN is proud of the quality and finish of their products and, of course, is committed to ensuring their proper functioning and their compliance to the detailed description that appears on the web.


For those customers who make their purchase for purposes not related to their professional activity, MONOREAN grants a product warranty of one year, from the date of delivery of the product, should the product purchased be defective and provided that this is communicated within two months from the moment of its malfunction. Additionally if the defect occurs within the first six months of the delivery of the goods, it is presumed to be a defect of origin; having to prove and acknowledge this defect to the seller in case it appears after the first six months of delivery.

MONOREAN will repair or replace the defective product, as long as it is covered by the legal guarantee of the product, after verifying the manufacturing defect. It is also essential to provide, together with the defective product, the proof of purchase to verify the warranty.

Within fourteen natural days from its delivery, the customer also has the possibility to return the product with a 25% restocking charge, giving prior written notice to MONOREAN, provided that the product returned is in perfect condition and sealed (the product must not have been opened and must be returned as it was delivered) and he shall bear the costs of shipment and return. The return policy do not apply to unsealed products that are unsuitable to be returned for reasons of hygiene and health protection and whose seal was broken after delivery.

If at the time of delivery it is clearly visible, without opening the seal, that the product has been damaged during transportation, the client must refuse its delivery or make it stated in the delivery note and communicate this circumstance to MONOREAN within 48 hours from delivery .

MONOREAN only shall take responsibility and ship, without additional cost, the same product, if the client has refused the delivery and has stated the damages on the delivery note. otherwise MONOREAN disclaims any liability for damages caused by the carrier and shall be the customer himself who claims responsibility to the carrier.

In case of error in the shipping of the product, that is when the customer receives a product which is not the one requested in the confirmation order of purchase, MONOREAN will ship, without any penalty charge to the client, the product purchased in the order of confirmation, after the client has received the product, erroneously shipped, in perfect condition and provided that he notifies this circumstance within seven days from the delivery of the product.

Customers can contact MONOREAN for any questions related to the provisions in the following section:

  • Mail: info@monorean.com
  • Phone: (+34) 91 186 96 56
  • Address: Cannulloa 1null4 St, 280null42 Madrid, Spain


Once the customer has formalized his order and, therefore, accepted the terms and conditions of the contract, he commits himself to pay the price of the product and in the way he prefers. As far as MONOREAN is concerned, it shall send an email to confirm the details of the transaction.

MONOREAN will ship the product once the payment by the customer has been confirmed, except in the case of payment on delivery, which will make necessary for the customer to confirm the order, via email or phone before the shipment of the product.

The price of the product and the shipping costs will be detailed in the online purchase form, and the customer expressly agrees to the purchase prize once he confirms the order.

The deadlines for shipment from the moment the order is confirmed until the delivery of the product will be detailed in an email containing the details of the transaction. Nevertheless, MONOREAN will indicate the estimated deadlines for shipment in the online purchase form.


MONOREAN holds all rights to the content of its website and, therefore, hold the rights granted by the law, as an author, about the images, videos, texts and logos and, as holder, of the distinctive emblems and designs of the products marketed in it.

Additionally, MONOREAN warns customers and users that such rights are protected by the conventions and treaties implemented internationally.


Those customers who purchase products with which they can treat images, photographs or snapshots expressly accept their transfer for the uses and purposes arising from the normal operation of the product.

MONOREAN shall not hold responsible for the illegality of the photographs taken by others and advises that their treatment will only be that associated with the proper functioning of products and applications marketed on the website www.monorean.com.


In compliance with applicable law regarding protection of personal data. MONOREAN advises that any information of this type, provided by customers or users of the website www.monorean.com, through purchase and query forms or e-mails sent to the different mailboxes that MONOREAN has available in its website, implies that they accept and expressly authorize MONOREAN, the database owner, to transfer and communicate these personal data to other services in charge of their processing and/or third service providers with the following purposes and objectives : (i) sending emails to confirm purchase orders, (ii) the proper management of purchases made through the website and (iii) sending mails or regular mail with advertising related to MONOREAN’S business.

MONOREAN advises that such data will be included in its base, which is MONOREAN’s property, registered in the General Register of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

Customers and users also agree to the use, by the data manager and service providers, of personal data, always under the direction and supervision of the database owner, and with the only purpose for which they have been given. Contact details, for information purposes, of the data manager and service are given below:

  • Linode, LLC (encargado)
    • Phone: +1-609-380-7100
    • fax: 609-380-7200
    • 329 E. Jimmie Leeds Road, Suite A Galloway, NJ 08205

Finally, customers and users expressly consent to the use of cookies by the website, used strictly for its proper operation and to evaluate the statistics in the use of the website.

Nevertheless, customers and users can access the preferences menu of their browser and configure it so that cookies are not installed, to remove existing ones and/or delete them before starting to browse other pages of the website. Also, you can use other tools to block tracking cookies such as Do Not Track.

MONOREAN assumes that the data provided have been entered by its owner or a person authorized by him, as well as their veracity and accuracy. Therefore, MONOREAN disclaims any possible inaccuracy in these data.

In any case, both customers and users have the right to access, cancel, correct and disagree to the use of his data by informing the database owner, data manager or service providers through the following channels:

  • MONOREAN - (Responsible)
    • 1null4 Canullnoa St.
    • support@monorean.com
  • Linode, LLC
    • Phone: +1-609-380-7100
    • Fax: 609-380-7200
    • Address: 329 E. Jimmie Leeds Road, Suite A Galloway, NJ 08205

MONOREAN, for his part, undertakes to maintain the secrecy and security of the personal data transferred, according to the applicable law in this matter.


Customers and users expressly consent to the use of cookies by the website, third party´s or own, which are strictly employed for the correct functioning y and the performance of statistics on the use of the web.

Cookies are files which download to customer or user´s computer and allows, among others, to store and recover information about navigation habits, and depending on the kind of information inside and the way in which the customer or user has configured his computer, can be used to identify his IP.

Next we enumerate the kind of used cookies and the precise target of each. We can assure that none of them keeps personal identity information : you:

Analysis cookies: Those who allow to the person responsible of them to follow and analize the behavior of website´s users to linked webs. Information collected by this kind of cookies is employed to measure activity in websites, applications or platforms, and to elaborate navigation profiles of users of those sites, applications and platforms, with the desired target of introducing improvements in the analysis of uses data by service customers.

Advertising cookies: Those who allow to manage in the most efficient way advertising places, which for each case, editors have included in certain webpage, application or platform, from which deliver the agreed service based on criteria such as edited contents or frequency with which advertising is displayed.

Behavioral advertising cookies: Those who allow to manage in the most efficient way advertising places, which for each case, editors have included in a certain webpage, application or platform, from which deliver the agreed service. These cookies store information about the behavior of users after continuous observation of navigation habits, what allows to develop a specific profile in order to show different advertising according to this profile.

MONOREAN will install its own cookies but will not install third party´s cookies.

As has been mentioned before, these cookies will be used for the sole purpose of the correct functioning of the website, and they will never store personal information from you.

You can check at any time all cookies installed into your navigator by any webpage. We recommend to use Google Chrome. In Google Chrome go to Tools and click on Tools for developers. Once that tools for developers show up you must click on Resources and unveil the list named Cookies.

If you are really concern about your privacy we suggest browsing with the Brave browser as it implements several features such as Tor and many functionalities to block cross site cookies and requests.

Never mind, customers and users can access to the preferences menu and configure it not to install cookies, to erase existing cookies, to eliminate them before starting to navigate through other pages of the website, or to revoke consent on other pages of the website or to revoke all granted consent. You must know that in this case it is probable that our website does not work in an appropriate way.

To request more information about those navigation Cookies you can direct to Wikipedia HTTP Cookie


Only customers and users shall hold responsible for their conduct in the navigation of the website and for the use of its contents, while MONOREAN reserves the right to take relevant actions for illicit use in this sense. Obviously, MONOREAN shall not be hold responsible for the possible illegal use of the products marketed on its website.

MONOREAN cannot guarantee the correct access and uninterrupted operation of the website. However, MONOREAN undertakes to diligently strive in maintaining its website. Therefore MONOREAN cannot be hold responsible for any damage resulting from an abnormal functioning of the website, nor of statements made in the chats or forums available on the website.

However, as it could not be otherwise, MONOREAN commits itself to solve the problems that may arise with respect to what has been expressed above as soon as possible and to provide customers or users with the necessary support for the speedy and satisfactory solution of the incidence.


The relationships established between MONOREAN and its customers or users shall be governed by the provisions in the current regulations about applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction. However, for those cases where regulations provide the possibility for the parties to be subject to a regional law, between MONOREAN and customers and/or users, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, they will be subject to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid.